Zuri's Journal 5
Milling About

So, basically, Sandpoint is apparently cursed. A guardsman came looking for ‘The Heroes of Sandpoint’ because some things infested the mill and had some people trapped inside. We went along, of course, although the captain was passed out. When we got there, one of the mill workers – what’s his name that rumor says is shacking up with the younger daughter of Ven – was pretty much frantic and begged us to ‘go save them’.

Them, apparently, being both daughters. Ven should look into leashes or something for those two – they’re seriously just looking for trouble. At any rate, we went in and found… I’m not sure what. An aberration of some kind, definitely. Big, ugly, with mandible-jaws and some nasty claws.

Make that multiple aberrations. Per floor of the mill. Where the hell did these things COME from?

I’m glad we had Ghalvor with us – if not for Ezra being a big slab of meat and ghalvor being such an agile bastard, things would’ve gone a lot worse for us. As it was, the only reason we were able to take on the last of them was the Captain staggering in and punching some things in the face. One of them managed to bite Ezra, during it all, and he later said he’d felt an overwhelming sense of rage.

Not sure how it differs from normal for him.

We managed to rescue the girls; Shayliss slapped Ezra for daring to rescue her, because that made a lot of sense, and then we sent a guardsman to find Quink after it turned out the aberrations dissolve in sunlight. The best we could figure is that they’re aberrations (no surprise) and that they might somehow be connected to the magic of the lost empire of Thassilon.

Fantastic. What’s next, one of the lords of Thassilon returning from the grave to plague us?

Zuri's Journal, Entry 4
Shattered Glass

Today did not start off very well – not long after we got up, the halfling woman who works for Ameiko came to get Azaya and I. It seems she’s been missing without letting anyone know, and her bed doesn’t look like she slept in it. We went along to see if we could find anything.

A note from her brother, Tsuto, was crumpled up under her washing basin. It suggested that their father had something to do with the Sandpoint goblin raid, and asked her to meet him at the Glassworks at midnight, suggesting that the locals of Sandpoint couldn’t be trusted not to blame the two of them along with Lonjiku. It also said she needs to come alone – if it were anyone other than her brother, I’d wonder how Ameiko could have been foolish enough to do that, but she’s always hoped he could be redeemed from the perpetually-angry-teenager state he’s been in his entire life.

We rounded up Ezra and got James up from the bar and went looking for her – the moment we got to the Glassworks I knew something was wrong, because it was still closed up, the doors locked and the blinds drawn – it opens at dawn and stay open until dusk every day. Tsuto’s brought some really, really bad news with him. I popped the lock on the back door to the place – no sense in bringing inquisitive locals into this mess – and slipped in to see if I could see or hear anything.

Azaya heard them first – goblins, in the main glass kiln area. We managed to get Ezra and James into position, even though I needed to give James a flask of booze to get him to cooperate, then let them burst in to draw the attention of the goblins. So many of the little freaks were in there, playing with glass. Looks like they killed the people who were supposed to be on shift today – their corpses were spread across the tables. Ezra and James went charging in, Azaya sent Ghalvor in, and I snuck in close enough to get a good shot on one of the little bastards. It was about then that we all spotted the central display – Lonjiku himself, encased in glass with his throat cut. If we needed any proof that Tsuto’s a bastard in the metaphorical sense as much as the literal, there it is.

The melee that followed was a mess – glass everywhere, from plates of it being thrown by the goblins to globs of semi-molten glass being used as weapons, Azaya summoning these massive centipedes in that seemed to love the taste of goblin as much as Ghalvor hates it, and the gore everywhere. I think I was the only one agile enough to avoid getting my feet sliced up on the glass. Two of the little bastards ran downstairs.

We regrouped and followed them – I snuck after them, got them by surprise, and clubbed their heads in. We were sneaking along as best we could when we spotted him – Tsuto, looking as much of an asshole as he ever did. He decided to go the other way when Ghalvor and I rounded the corner, with me yelling his name. He ran into the Captain and Azaya, much to his woe, since the Captain started hitting him in the face. Ghalvor and I took care of the goblin that popped out the door after him, and then someone or something started banging on one of the locked storeroom doors. No time right now. He tried to run for it, but they were quicker and cut off his route upstairs.

So he circled around and went for another door. He was too quick for Ezra to hit with the massive meathammer of his, but I managed to keep up with him and keep beating him every time he tried to get by; he tried to be smooth and vault over me, but wasn’t expecting my arms to be as long as they were thanks to the mutagen. He almost escaped.


Ghalvor cut him off in an escape tunnel, and I managed to crack his head and put him down. I was hoping to take him alive, but Azaya had told Ghalvor to attack, and the roc is nothing if not dedicated to his mistress. Bits of dead half-elf wnet everywhere. Apparently Tsuto tasted better than a goblin.

I managed to crack the lock on the door that had been being banged on, with Ezra backing me up in case of another goblin, and there was Ameiko – beaten badly, tied up, and gagged, but alive. The sense of relief that I felt at seeing her alive – well, not something you can articulate easily. I broke the news about her father being dead, which she took stoically, and her brother having become roc food, which seemed to give her some grim satisfaction. She’d apparently hoped he’d changed since she last saw him, but he tried to convince her to join him at the goblin lair, Thistletop.

After making sure she could walk, we let her head back to town while we searched the storerooms and came up with some interesting things – particularly Tsuto’s journal and a list of plans to attack Sandpoint. We managed to work it out – the smaller ones were plans for the initial raid. We found the one that they’d used. The other set… There are several plans apparently calling for a small army of goblins. Over 200 of them, in fact. We’ve got to get this to the Mayor’s attention – the guards need to be prepared for this. I hope the sheriff gets back with more soldiers soon.

Worse, in my opinion, is evidence of what Azaya and I suspected. There are portraits in the journal – some of them pretty much pornographic – of a young woman that Ezra and I easily recognized. Nualia, the adopted daughter of the priest who died in the fire. It’s looking more and more like she set the fire that claimed his life and escaped in the catastrophic blaze.

It also mentions that she’s transforming into something demonic, and that she wants to burn Sandpoint as a sacrifice to her patron, Lamashtu. We’ll need to talk to Zanthus about that – Ezra didn’t recognize the name, but I’m sure it has to be bad news.

We also found some other things – some got used or claimed right away. The healing potion we found got fed to Ezra, we split up the platinum coins we found in Tsuto’s pockets, and I found a strangely durable sculpture of a bird in the wreckage. I might hold on to it.

The others told me to keep the ring I found on Tsuto’s corpse; it apparently provides a protective field, and I could certainly do with the help in not being hit. I’m not as durable as the others.

We also found a composite shortbow that none of us have the training or capability to use – I’m the only one with enough strength and agility, and I’ve never trained in archery. Some arrows with it, as well.

Tsuto had a very nice set of thieves’ tools with him, although they’re no better than the ones I already have. I might sell those, or give them to Ameiko – she used to be an adventurer, after all, and I suspect she knows a few things about locks.

We also found a flute, only slightly spattered with Tsuto’s blood, and he had silver earrings. We can sell those to cover the cost of more healing potions, I think. And we found, stashed away, sacks of gold dust and silver dust. Six and eight, respectively. No doubt how he was funding his own operations. We’ll sell those and see if we can’t better outfit everyone.

On the way out, I collected the strongbox from the Glassworks – that’s Ameiko’s property, now, and I’ll make sure it gets into her hands. We left the doors unlocked so the rest of the guards can go in and make sure we’ve cleared the place, and so they can help Father Zanthus with the corpses.

I’m betting they’ll have to just put Lonjiku in the family crypt still entombed in glass.

This mess just keeps getting worse. What, next, a bunch of demons rolling up out of a well or something?

Zuri's Journal, Entry 3
Aldern's going to get stabbed with a tooth

It’s been about two weeks since the goblins attacked; aside from Aldern continuing to annoy us (didn’t he say he only had a few days before he had to leave Sandpoint?) things have been pretty uneventful. I convinced the headmaster of the Tunadarok Academy to let me look through his spellbooks for a donation of a platinum coin; found a few that I’ve figured out how to turn into alchemical preparation, happily. I can enalrge myself, armor myself with electrical energy, and grab a glimpse of the future for a perfect strike, now.

The unexpected return of the elven tracker Shalelu makes me suspect that the relative peace won’t last. As soon as she was sighted people started talking about it. At least Aldern started looking nervous – I suspect he had a run-in with her sometime while I was away. Good. Maybe she’ll chase him out of the Rusty Dragon finally.

Sure enough, before half an hour was past, a guard came looking for us to let us know that Belor wanted to see us. James is snoring in a puddle of ale, so I just asked Ameiko to make sure he knew where to look for us if he sobered up in the meantime. She agreed, so the rest of us – including the roc, to the bemusement of the guard – went to see Belor.

Turns out he, the mayor, and Shalelu were all present. We were formally introduced to her as the heroes of Sandpoint, and she told us that someone’s been organizing the goblins across the region. No surprise there – the goblin raid had all five tribes in on it. She doesn’t have any better idea who might be behind it than we do, although she agrees that evidence suggests a ‘longshanks’ of some sort. She couldn’t discredit the concern Azaya and I have about Nualia’s body not turning up in the aftermath of the fire, either. Worrying.

The main reason we were called, though, is that Shalelu’s going back out to track the goblins and see if she can find their leader, and Belor’s headed for Magnimar to try to get some additional guards. He’d like us to make ourselves visibly present around the town to keep people feeling safe and secure. Ezra was a little too excited about that, and had to be reminded that he only gets to help keep the peace, not enforce his own idea of law and order.

She accompanied us to the Rusty Dragon, insisting we regale her with the tale of our heroics. Ezra’s hammer apparently impressed her, and she agreed with me that the goblins popping out from under things can be unsettling. James woke up sometime during the tale wearig a doiley and a crown of flowers on his head, and joined us in time to tell her how he’d punched a boar in the snout. Ameiko served up some boar stew, accentuating the story perfectly. Partway through I laid a finger on the odd smell at the table – someone had made a bid at soaping James and rinsing him off while he was passed out. It’s the cleanest I’ve smelled him since meeting him.

Not long after she left, a boy came running in, shouting for us – it seemed that goblisn were trying to scavenge the Frothy Goose. I don’t think I’ve ever seen James move that fast; he nearly outran Azaya on the way to the isle. Ezra was happy to join us, eager to knock more goblin heads into ruin.

Half a dozen goblins were picking at the section of the forecastle that had detached, squabbling over something they’d pulled loose. While James and Ezra charged in, I downed my mutagen and grew a bit taller and lankier, moving to position myself to attack the goblins. then Azaya decided she had other plans.

It turns out that what she summoned was called a harpy eagle. Apt name, given that it tore into the closest goblin like a hurricane chewing up a ship. I don’t think the stupid little freak ever knew what hit it. Most of the rest were flailing and shrieking – Ezra got stabbed by one and James by another. All four of us in the melee – Ezra working with the roc and James working with me – did an effective job of putting down all but the one that had snatched the thing they’d been squabbling over. It took off at a run, with me in pursuit and James harrumphing along behind us.

Then the stupid freak tried to hide from me in some dried-out shrubs. Alas for it, I carry alchemical fire, and lobbed a bottle in. didn’t hit it, but splashed it and doused the bush well enough to get it alight. The stupid little bastard took my mace to his head as he tried to run away. He went face-down in the surf, dropping a six-inch curved tooth. Something odd about it, for sure.

Closer inspection made it clear that the tooth, whenever it got stuck in the Goose, had done some acid damage to the planks; Azaya thinks it belongs to a sea serpent. While Azaya and I convinced the captain to hold onto it, he didn’t seem to thrilled, since it couldn’t be used for boozing. Sometimes I wonder about him – this is something he could use to prove his prowess as a sailor to anyone, having a ship that got attacked by an acid-fanged sea-snake and survived, and he’s just not interested.

Ezra made a fairly noble self-sacrifice when we left the temple, intercepting Aldern as he stalked the group of us. James hung back, trying to fake him out and hit the fop, but mostly staggered around looking like he needed a drink. Ezra was irritated that I disappeared, but admitted he couldn’t blame me.

James tried to parley the tooth into a free drink at the Rusty Dragon, but the man he was betting with wasn’t biting. Eventually Hannah, the local priestess of Gozreh, turned up and confirmed it was a sea serpent tooth. That plus some angry glaring from James made the man give up the liquor he’d gotten out of the bet, muttering something about no honor in beating drunken idiots.

I’d like to see him try to sail with an agitated roc on board. James might not cut an impressive figure just now, but he did better than most anyone in this town could’ve hoped to accomplish back then.

Meanwhile, after James failed to get his booze for free with the tooth, he tossed it aside. Last I saw, Azaya was stringing it on a necklace – Hannah said it might provide a measure of resistance to acid, and I suspect she’s hopping it’ll protect her if she gets caught in the splash of an acid flask of mine.

Here’s hoping nothing else overly exciting happens between now and when Belor gets back. I don’t want to get in any worse trouble than we’ve already been in.

Somehow, I don’t think that wish is going to be granted any more than my wish that people would wise up about the gods. Maybe I’ll take a trip to Rahadoum sometime – I hear those folk have banned all religion within their borders. Sensible of them.

Zuri's Journal, Entry 2
Bones, bores, boars, and "rats"

It’s a day after the goblin attack; the guard have asked me to help deal with their captives, since the only one who speaks Common apparently only knows ‘longshanks’ and curses. No surprise there, goblins are stupid freaks. The others – we’re all being lauded as The Heroes of Sandpoint now – came along; I asked Ezra to bring his knocking hammer to help terrify the captives, and we brought the dog we acquired from Aldern. Between those two and my ability to speak goblintongue, plus a suggestion that I /might/ talk to the townfolk about letting the goblin go if it cooperated (I didn’t mention it to anyone else – Ezra would think it was a promise, and everyone else would just want to et it go for archery practice. Better it die a quick death.) it proved to have a little useful information.

The goblins were directed to attack by a longshanks – their word for any humanoid of a size larger than them. He described this leader as shorter and stockier than me, but not as stocky as Ezra, and then let it slip that the leader had gone for the graveyard during the attack. I got one of the guardsmen to go round up Hemlock and Zanthus to meet us at the graveyard, and we all went to see what had happened.

It wasn’t hard. Even from the edge of the graveyard we could see one of the crypts was busted open; Father Zanthus gave us permission to enter while Hemlock was dressing down the guardsmen who’d fetched him for not mentioning that the goblin had said a longshanks was involved. We slipped in past the ruined slab of stone that had sealed the crypt, only to have a pair of skeletons come at us. While we got some hits in on it – thanks to Azaya and her bird I was able to get in a good shot that broke something important – Ezra just smashed them into so much bone powder.

Azaya found an opened sarcophagus, emptied of whatever was in it, and a ragged old robe that I recognized as a completely spent robe of bones that had likely been used to create the skeletons we fought and destroyed. The sarcophagus, according to Zanthus, belonged to the last high priest, who died in the Sandpoint Fire half a decade ago. It turned out, after a bit of asking, that they never recovered his adopted daughter’s bones – Azaya and I both think there’s something deeply suspicious in it being his remains that were specifically stolen and her remains never being found; Zanthus said he wasn’t sure why her spirit hadn’t haunted Sandpoint, given the tragic circumstances. I’m betting she’s alive, but I don’t know if she’s involved or if it’s just coincidence.

The question was raised after the questions about Nualia’s missing remains as to how sure we were that the robber had been after the remains of the old priest Ezra gave me one of his “I hate when you’re right” glares when I pointed out that the robber had clearly meant to take his, considering there were plenty of other sarcophagi in the crypt and lenty of graves in soft earth outside.

We poked around outside, finding footprints that matched what might be a human or some similar creature amid a bunch of goblin tracks, and a decent-looking ladder left alongside the wall – there’s no question that it wasn’t from a goblin lair. Even if they’d found it, it would’ve been in much worse shape. Either the graverobber stole it from a house or someone inside the town helped out. The latter is a much less pleasant idea than the former.

On our way back from that delight, Aldern managed to find us; Azaya promptly maneuvered to keep me between him and her, and so he latched onto Ezra and started fussing over him, after promising James more liquor and inviting us all to go on a ride with him in the Tickwood. Lunatic that he is, he bought each of us a horse and riding gear, ensuring that we had no excuse to avoid it.

Ezra kept him busy regaling him with When I Was Young and In My Day and other such morality plays that make him so unpopular – surprisingly, Aldern ate it up and kept asking him to go on. It might have kept on all day if it hadn’t been for the boar that decided to show up and interrupt the two bores. With no illusions about my riding skill, I dismounted before my horse could think about panicking ad let it run off after Aldern; James managed to dismount safely, slipping his brass knuckles on as he did so, but Azaya and Ezra both got thrown when their horses bolted. Ezra’s horse nearly trampled me in the process of freaking out – I hope Aldern manages to round them up.

The boar charged in, getting harassed by the roc right up to the point that James punched it in the snout, breaking a tusk with the jab. Ezra stepped in and knocked it out, trying to avoid killing it, until Azaya yelled to put it down and James hit it in the head until something gave way and it expired.

I’m glad for the horses, at least, now – we rigged up a rough litter and hauled the boar back to Sandpoint, Ezra and James happily telling everyone the tale of the fight (exaggerated a bit for effect) until we could turn it over to Ameiko; she’s not sure what she’ll do with that much boar meat, but at least she knows not to ask Ezra’s version of the story – I told her the quick version in Minkaian. She’s apparently planning to ask James about punching a boar in the face, now.

Aldern gave us the horses. Fucking lunatic, I swear.

It was a couple days later when a woman burst in with a pair of children in tow; I didn’t pay much attention until she came over to ask us for help, saying that her son had been having nightmares since the goblin attack, then she’d heard him screaming, their dog had been killed, and she’d come running for help while her husband had stayed behind to deal with it.

She said she doesn’t think her husband’s fought anything before, and the bite marks on the boy’s arms look like goblin teeth. Azaya and I took off running, James and Ezra puffing along behind us, because there was a chance we might make it in time to save the idiot. We got there well ahead of them, and Azaya agreed to wait for them outside while I slipped in and scouted.

I found the man, all right – dead before we got there, since I didn’t hear so much as a gurgle from where he was laying, face-down in a hole in the closet floor. I slipped back out and helped guide the others back in – Azaya tripped over a toy and made a huge racket, but the freak in the whole was too busy to care. Ezra and James arranged themselves around the hole, reacy to attack if the goblin popped up, and I pulled the body back.

The sick monster ate his fucking face. The fight went quickly enough, even if the roc got in the way and kept anything useful from being done by Azaya or I until it moved out of the way again. The freak popped up and right into an overhand blow from my mace; it apparently landed just right, since I heard the freak’s neck shatter and it collapsed in the process of biting at Ezra.

I rolled the body of the victims – the dog and the man – in the blankets from the bed. No one else needs to see a half-eaten face. The woman understandably broke down into wailing at the news, but Hemlock says he’s pretty sure he can get in touch with her family and get them away from the place. Aldern cropped up again, and got shoved straight at Ezra to keep him from getting cut open by Azaya’s scimitar.

Then Shayliss Vinder turned up and talked Ezra into going with her back to the general store to ‘take care of some nasty rats, it only needs the one person’. Azaya and I agree that she’s up to something, so while she agreed to look after James I shadowed Ezra and Shayliss back to the store; I could tell from the sound of her voice that she had something in mind to do to the old man – he’s got to have a good fifteen years of age on her – and slipped the door shut just as the store owner came in. The shock of Ezra having a teenage girl throwing herself at him shook me badly enough I couldn’t manage to tell Vin even a half-assed lie, and the floorboards are too sturdy to make much noise without it being obvious.

I slipped out when Vin went thundering down the stairs. There’s not exactly a lot I can do to someone without it being really dangerous if it comes down to a fight. Fortunately, Ezra apparently managed to talk him down, since he wasn’t carting a comatose body or covered in burises when he emerged. He was a bit shocked to learn that I’d followed him, but recovered when I told him it was just to watch out for him.

It seems that whatever Ezra did, Shayliss is a lot less happy than she could be. He got a crude drawing of himself on fire, with a feminine hand having written “I’ll get even with you” under it. Here’s hoping she doesn’t get too outrageous in whatever she has planned – I doubt things are going to settle back down in sleepy little Sandpoint anytime soon, and she really doesn’t need caught up in it.

I really wish I knew who took the old priest’s bones and why.

Zuri's Journal, Entry 1
Swallowtail Festival and Goblins

Today was the day the people of Sandpoint decided to finish dedicating the new cathedral today – the idiots still think that building the stupid temple bigger and better will draw down the blessing of the gods. Fat lot of good it did back when Chopper was on a rampage and the old temple burned down. Captain James is on the loose and in the festival’s booze stockpiles, and already in the middle of a drinking contest. The other local drunks are complaining that he has an unfair advantage since he’s spent the entire last year intoxicated. My brother-in-law, Ezra is over by a mud pit, playing tug of war with some kids and declaring what good, clean fun that kind of thing is. Azaya is of in a corner of the square, teaching the local kids to play nice with her flying squirrel. The giant bird she has – Ghalvor, according to her, and supposedly a baby roc – is perched over on one of the buildings framing the town square and giving everyone irritable looks.

There’s a lot of talking – the Mayor’s chatted the crowd up, Sheriff Belor brought the festival mood down with his lecturing about safety (I noticed Ezra nodding at every point), and the theater manager tried to drum up business. I swear that nothing ever changes around here unless a catastrophe hits. The taverns are feeding everyone – Ameiko’s ruling the show like usual, but the peppercorn venison’s pretty good. James covered in mud and muck, and he’s wound up laying on the stage after he and Ezra somehow lost tug-of-war to a pack of kids. Ezra’s suffering the attentions of some delicate flower of the town; I don’t think she’s a season past her sixteenth birthday, but she’s just about glued herself to him. The kids and some of the adults are enjoying the alchemical trinkets I’m whipping up – the sparklers and colored smokesticks filling the square makes me feel a bit better about this mess of a dedication festival.

Father Zanthus let a huge flock of swallowtail butterflies loose around noon, and then more games of chance kept everyone occupied; Ezra eventually pried the girl off his arm at some point. They eventually levered James off the stage when Father Zanthus decided to do a ceremony; he set off a thunderstone to attract everyone’s attention. My professional opinion is that whoever made that thunderstone was too cautious – the Captain barely stirred when it went off.

I think that the thunderstone was a mistake; the next thing I knew, there were goblin voices singing one of their fucking creepy songs about killing, eating, and burning things, then a dog collapsed, dead, right next to me. That was when three of the ugly little freaks popped out of hiding right next to me. Thankfully, I keep my supplies on hand – the mutagen tastes horrible, but it’s worth that and the cost in focus to be able to dodge those rusty blades the freaks carry. The ones that got close glanced off the force-imbued carapace my shield extract formed over my skin, thankfully.

It turns out that Ezra’s taken to carrying a giant meat tenderizer since I last saw him; good thing, too, since he and the Captain smashed goblins into jelly. Disgusting, but I prefer that to getting sliced open. No sooner did we have them put down than we spotted a few more setting fire to a wagon – we managed to beat them all bloody and tip the burning wagon away from the nearby building. I managed to light the singing freak up with a flask of liquid fire, but then it hit me with something weird that made the roc chewing on the freak seem hilarious. Ezra wasn’t amused by my hysterics and kicked me in the ribs to get me ‘sorted out’. Ghalvor wasn’t amused, either – I recognize the head-shaking he was doing from when Azaya had to give him some bitter medicine when we were sailing. Apparently goblins taste revolting, to the surprise of none.

Once that was cleared up, which amounted to tipping the wagon over and the Captain chugging a pair of my healing elixirs to patch up his wounds, we heard an effeminate scream – I recognized it at once. Aldern Foxglove, one of the local nobles and a generally useful fop of a man. This was followed up by the sound of a dog furiously barking, a goblin screaming, and a painful-sounding yelp. I was moving before I realized it, even though the shield carapace had dried up and fallen away from my skin; the mutagen’s effect was still strong in my blood.

Azaya was moving as soon as I was, at the sound of the dog in pain. The Captain came running after us, and Ezra came lumbering after him with his hammer stained by gore. It turned out that there was some kind of elite goblin warrior menacing Aldern – the freak was smart enough to know what armor is and packed a larger version of their rusty weapons – and a mangy thing I think was a goblin dog – these horrible beasts the goblins raise as riding animals. They’ll give you a nasty rash if you aren’t careful. We took them down, along with the other three goblins – they all kept coming after me, but the flexibility my mutagen grants me let me keep getting out of the way. A few careful shots with the others to distract the menaces, plus the Captain’s fists and Ezra’s hammer, and we got them all put down pretty quickly.

I managed to stabilize the dog, but Aldern just dismissed it as a corpse and immediately started flirting with Azaya. I wonder how he’d feel if he knew she was old enough to be his grandmother? It took Ezra glowering at him, making angry hammer gestures, and me telling him to get lost to make him leave her be. He wants to see us again – I guess Ameiko’s not working the main counter at the Rusty Dragon, because he’s staying there. He’s invited us to come see him and be rewarded; I’m willing to take whatever he offers, but he’s not getting his dog back – after he left, Azaya healed it with some druidic magic and the little thing took to furiously barking at the Captain. Ezra actually cracked a slight smile at that.

I’ll be busy brewing the next couple days – I need to replenish what I’ve used, and I’m going to pack some acid for the next time I see trouble. Fire just encourages those screaming freaks, and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of them. I’m also going to get the Captain to help me drag Ezra out to get fitted with better armor – I don’t think the scale mail either of them are wearing has seen any proper care in years, and I’d prefer that I not be the only one to avoid harm.

I knew trouble would happen when they tried to dedicate that grandiose monument to the uncaring gods. Nothing good comes of trying to get divine attention. At least Azaya’s got the sense to worship nature – I can see the logic in that, since my medicine and my extracts are drawn from natural sources. The Captain’s god at least openly admits to not really caring about things; my brother-in-law, though, he worships one of the Ascended – the mortals turned gods via the Starstone in Absalom. Iomedae the Inheritor.

I’ll just keep my faith limited to my studies and discoveries. I know they work, after all.

Rise of the Runelords

The quiet town of Sandpoint sits on the Lost Coast of Varisia, where the ruins of the ancient monument known as Old Light grace the shoreline. The peace has rarely been disturbed, save for a few months five years ago when a serial killer known as the Chopper stalked the streets and the old chapel burned to the ground, taking the lives of the old priest and his daughter. The residents have been happy to keep it peaceful and quiet since then, mourning the lost and trying to clear away the memories as they’ve worked to rebuild the chapel into a cathedral worthy of a mighty city like Magnimar.

Of course, in Varisia, nothing ever stays peaceful for very long, and Sandpoint is no exception. Something long slumbering stirs, and the townsfolk at right at the flash point.


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