Zuri's Journal 5

Milling About

So, basically, Sandpoint is apparently cursed. A guardsman came looking for ‘The Heroes of Sandpoint’ because some things infested the mill and had some people trapped inside. We went along, of course, although the captain was passed out. When we got there, one of the mill workers – what’s his name that rumor says is shacking up with the younger daughter of Ven – was pretty much frantic and begged us to ‘go save them’.

Them, apparently, being both daughters. Ven should look into leashes or something for those two – they’re seriously just looking for trouble. At any rate, we went in and found… I’m not sure what. An aberration of some kind, definitely. Big, ugly, with mandible-jaws and some nasty claws.

Make that multiple aberrations. Per floor of the mill. Where the hell did these things COME from?

I’m glad we had Ghalvor with us – if not for Ezra being a big slab of meat and ghalvor being such an agile bastard, things would’ve gone a lot worse for us. As it was, the only reason we were able to take on the last of them was the Captain staggering in and punching some things in the face. One of them managed to bite Ezra, during it all, and he later said he’d felt an overwhelming sense of rage.

Not sure how it differs from normal for him.

We managed to rescue the girls; Shayliss slapped Ezra for daring to rescue her, because that made a lot of sense, and then we sent a guardsman to find Quink after it turned out the aberrations dissolve in sunlight. The best we could figure is that they’re aberrations (no surprise) and that they might somehow be connected to the magic of the lost empire of Thassilon.

Fantastic. What’s next, one of the lords of Thassilon returning from the grave to plague us?



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