Zuri's Journal, Entry 4

Shattered Glass

Today did not start off very well – not long after we got up, the halfling woman who works for Ameiko came to get Azaya and I. It seems she’s been missing without letting anyone know, and her bed doesn’t look like she slept in it. We went along to see if we could find anything.

A note from her brother, Tsuto, was crumpled up under her washing basin. It suggested that their father had something to do with the Sandpoint goblin raid, and asked her to meet him at the Glassworks at midnight, suggesting that the locals of Sandpoint couldn’t be trusted not to blame the two of them along with Lonjiku. It also said she needs to come alone – if it were anyone other than her brother, I’d wonder how Ameiko could have been foolish enough to do that, but she’s always hoped he could be redeemed from the perpetually-angry-teenager state he’s been in his entire life.

We rounded up Ezra and got James up from the bar and went looking for her – the moment we got to the Glassworks I knew something was wrong, because it was still closed up, the doors locked and the blinds drawn – it opens at dawn and stay open until dusk every day. Tsuto’s brought some really, really bad news with him. I popped the lock on the back door to the place – no sense in bringing inquisitive locals into this mess – and slipped in to see if I could see or hear anything.

Azaya heard them first – goblins, in the main glass kiln area. We managed to get Ezra and James into position, even though I needed to give James a flask of booze to get him to cooperate, then let them burst in to draw the attention of the goblins. So many of the little freaks were in there, playing with glass. Looks like they killed the people who were supposed to be on shift today – their corpses were spread across the tables. Ezra and James went charging in, Azaya sent Ghalvor in, and I snuck in close enough to get a good shot on one of the little bastards. It was about then that we all spotted the central display – Lonjiku himself, encased in glass with his throat cut. If we needed any proof that Tsuto’s a bastard in the metaphorical sense as much as the literal, there it is.

The melee that followed was a mess – glass everywhere, from plates of it being thrown by the goblins to globs of semi-molten glass being used as weapons, Azaya summoning these massive centipedes in that seemed to love the taste of goblin as much as Ghalvor hates it, and the gore everywhere. I think I was the only one agile enough to avoid getting my feet sliced up on the glass. Two of the little bastards ran downstairs.

We regrouped and followed them – I snuck after them, got them by surprise, and clubbed their heads in. We were sneaking along as best we could when we spotted him – Tsuto, looking as much of an asshole as he ever did. He decided to go the other way when Ghalvor and I rounded the corner, with me yelling his name. He ran into the Captain and Azaya, much to his woe, since the Captain started hitting him in the face. Ghalvor and I took care of the goblin that popped out the door after him, and then someone or something started banging on one of the locked storeroom doors. No time right now. He tried to run for it, but they were quicker and cut off his route upstairs.

So he circled around and went for another door. He was too quick for Ezra to hit with the massive meathammer of his, but I managed to keep up with him and keep beating him every time he tried to get by; he tried to be smooth and vault over me, but wasn’t expecting my arms to be as long as they were thanks to the mutagen. He almost escaped.


Ghalvor cut him off in an escape tunnel, and I managed to crack his head and put him down. I was hoping to take him alive, but Azaya had told Ghalvor to attack, and the roc is nothing if not dedicated to his mistress. Bits of dead half-elf wnet everywhere. Apparently Tsuto tasted better than a goblin.

I managed to crack the lock on the door that had been being banged on, with Ezra backing me up in case of another goblin, and there was Ameiko – beaten badly, tied up, and gagged, but alive. The sense of relief that I felt at seeing her alive – well, not something you can articulate easily. I broke the news about her father being dead, which she took stoically, and her brother having become roc food, which seemed to give her some grim satisfaction. She’d apparently hoped he’d changed since she last saw him, but he tried to convince her to join him at the goblin lair, Thistletop.

After making sure she could walk, we let her head back to town while we searched the storerooms and came up with some interesting things – particularly Tsuto’s journal and a list of plans to attack Sandpoint. We managed to work it out – the smaller ones were plans for the initial raid. We found the one that they’d used. The other set… There are several plans apparently calling for a small army of goblins. Over 200 of them, in fact. We’ve got to get this to the Mayor’s attention – the guards need to be prepared for this. I hope the sheriff gets back with more soldiers soon.

Worse, in my opinion, is evidence of what Azaya and I suspected. There are portraits in the journal – some of them pretty much pornographic – of a young woman that Ezra and I easily recognized. Nualia, the adopted daughter of the priest who died in the fire. It’s looking more and more like she set the fire that claimed his life and escaped in the catastrophic blaze.

It also mentions that she’s transforming into something demonic, and that she wants to burn Sandpoint as a sacrifice to her patron, Lamashtu. We’ll need to talk to Zanthus about that – Ezra didn’t recognize the name, but I’m sure it has to be bad news.

We also found some other things – some got used or claimed right away. The healing potion we found got fed to Ezra, we split up the platinum coins we found in Tsuto’s pockets, and I found a strangely durable sculpture of a bird in the wreckage. I might hold on to it.

The others told me to keep the ring I found on Tsuto’s corpse; it apparently provides a protective field, and I could certainly do with the help in not being hit. I’m not as durable as the others.

We also found a composite shortbow that none of us have the training or capability to use – I’m the only one with enough strength and agility, and I’ve never trained in archery. Some arrows with it, as well.

Tsuto had a very nice set of thieves’ tools with him, although they’re no better than the ones I already have. I might sell those, or give them to Ameiko – she used to be an adventurer, after all, and I suspect she knows a few things about locks.

We also found a flute, only slightly spattered with Tsuto’s blood, and he had silver earrings. We can sell those to cover the cost of more healing potions, I think. And we found, stashed away, sacks of gold dust and silver dust. Six and eight, respectively. No doubt how he was funding his own operations. We’ll sell those and see if we can’t better outfit everyone.

On the way out, I collected the strongbox from the Glassworks – that’s Ameiko’s property, now, and I’ll make sure it gets into her hands. We left the doors unlocked so the rest of the guards can go in and make sure we’ve cleared the place, and so they can help Father Zanthus with the corpses.

I’m betting they’ll have to just put Lonjiku in the family crypt still entombed in glass.

This mess just keeps getting worse. What, next, a bunch of demons rolling up out of a well or something?



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